BeastieJob is happy to be sponsoring Advent of Code 2019!

Advent of Code ?

Advent Of Code is an Advent calendar but ... for developers! Each day, instead of greedily eating a chocolate, you are asked to solve a puzzle in the language you are more familiar with. There are 2 puzzles each day. Every time you solve a puzzle you win a star.

Anyone playing with us will have his/her name & score displayed in our leaderboard that we have created over at and will be entitled to our raffle. (and hopefully win the price!)

How to participate ?

  1. Create an Advent Of Code account right here on
  2. If you are not part of BeastieJob, fill-in the registration form below
  3. Join our "leaderboard"

Bonus We've setup a new channel on our chat (#AdventOfCode) where you can get help!

Wait a minute... we talked about a raffle, right?

Yes! You need to win 25 stars minimum to enter the raffle.
The lucky one will win a €200 gift card

Who are we?

BeastieJob is a collective of freelancers created by freelancers. Its aim is to make sourcing of freelancers in IT more direct, more transparent & without intermediary long-term percentage cut.
Everything is in the MANIFESTO :) (french)

Registration form

Your Advent Of Code username is available in your Addvent Of Code's profile